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author kylie jacobs

Kylie Jacobs lives in South Australia and the lifelong love of stories drives her to write. Practicing her writing and keeping books piled high throughout her home, she has spent years experimenting with screenplays and novels.
Passionate when it comes to improving her craft through study and mentorship, she is currently working on a children’s series as well as various contemporary and historical fiction novels in the genre of romance, comedy and mystery.
She loves getting inspiration from her author friends and kindred spirits in the Romance Writers of Australia group as well as the support and guidance from her screenplay friends in Hollywood.
The eldest of four daughters, she has spent a life of adventure living overseas and traveling as often as she can. Now the mother of four children of her own, she lives in South Australia and helps her supportive husband work in their family business.
Ever on the search for the perfect word, advice and improvement, she is currently studying with Penguin Random House in the UK and is looking forward to releasing her first publication in the upcoming year.
After the sudden, tragic loss of her in father in June 2017, she has thrown herself more into her work and is now more determined than ever to live in the moment and get her stories out to the world.

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